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Why us

British education is expensive and highly valued by employers all around the globe.

We believe that everyone has the right to access quality education, so we offer one of the most flexible and affordable programmes. You don’t have to move to the UK or take big loans to get a British degree if you choose to continue your education with us.

Our lectures and their duration, as well as the commitment to self-preparation, are in accordance with each working person’s busy schedule.

Our programmes aim to give every student the tools, skills, and confidence they need to succeed—in their journey toward postsecondary attainment and for their careers ahead. 

One of our most useful programmes is our Students Success Program. In these programmes, we focus on your personal goals and the results you want to achieve during and after training. We provide virtual coaching team supports to our students no matter where they are. Students in our Students Success Program receive:

  • A dedicated personal coach
  • Personalized, on-demand support—online meeting, or by phone, text, or social media.
  • Hundreds of hours of college coaching and support, at no cost to students.

One of the advantages of higher education is the social contact and the friendships you make with our fellow students. We at Queen Elizabeth College cannot miss this vital aspect of the students live. Every year we announce thematic seminars in which you can participate depending on your interests. There you can share and gain experience with your colleagues from all over the world.

Our coaches will work with you until you complete the degree program of your choice!