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Benefits of studying with Queen Elizabeth College

• Saving costs
– After Brexit, every student from the EU, EEA-EFTA or Switzerland who starts a new course in England, Scotland or Wales after August 2021 will no longer be eligible for home fee status. They will also no longer be eligible for student loans and need to apply for a student visa if they are studying a course that is longer than six months in length. The international fees start from £13,000 per year. In this sense, you can spend up to 3 times less on tuition fees with us.
– Students can acquire a fully recognised UK degree without moving abroad which automatically saves from living costs.
– With a credit transfer, you can continue your studies at any level at UK university as ways cheaper option to obtain UK degree
– Students can fully complete their studies for Level 4, Level 5 & Level 7 at Queen Elizabeth College and do top-up only as distance learning in conjunction with partnership university. Queen Elizabeth College has agreements with London Graduate School to offer discounted top-up fee for our students only.

• Study from anywhere and at anytime
– Our program is designed for active people and it is flexible enough to allow people working and studying at the same time. You can study from the comfort of your home or chose a campus based learning.
• Accredited and recognized
– Our qualifications are fully accredited and accepted worldwide.
– Students could do Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 7 with us and then to move only for top-up with the UK university.
– Our diplomas are recognized by UK employers as a high-level of education.
• No exams
– We are focused on the effective use of knowledge and you will be assessed through submission of assignments rather than pen and paper exams.

• Special benefits for international students
– QEC’s students may apply for top-up with our diplomas/certificates and they can be enrolled without taking IELTS exams or any other examinations as they will apply with a recognised UK qualification.
– QEC offers free English and Academic Skills preparation courses for our students.
– While expanding knowledge in a specific area, students will also improve their overall English skills that will prove useful in future business and professional endeavors.